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300-ton South China Sea fishery resources survey ship “Nanfeng No.2” successfully launched

On July 12th, 2017, the 300-ton South China Sea fishery resources survey ship “Nanfeng No.2” constructed by South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences was successfully launched in Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co. ltd.. Jiang Shigui, director of SCSFRI, Xu Zhuqing, Secretary of the Party committee and Yang Beisheng, deputy director of SCSFRI, as well as the construction, design, supervision and other unit representatives have attended the launching ceremony. A forum was organized.

Director Jiang Shigui, after listening to the shipyard for "Nanfeng No.2" pre-construction process and the construction plan, expressed thanks to the shipyard and the relevant units for having overcome difficulties, and ushered in an important node of “Nanfeng No.2 "launched smoothly. He hoped the relevant units to accelerate the subsequent construction tasks of “Nanfeng No.2" with a high sense of responsibility and serious attitude, to ensure the safety and quality of construction, so as to put the vessle into use and play its important role for the investigation of China's marine fishery resources sciences.

“Nanfeng No.2" is an important part of the construction of the ship system planning(total length is 42.8 m, width 8 m, deep 5.2 m, total 398 tons). The vessel’s successfully being launched marks that the ship has entered the dock outfitting construction stage, which is expected to be delivered at the end of September.

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