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Lai-hao LI, PhD (Aquatic products processing and fishery resources utilization)

Lai-hao Li, professor. Vice-president of South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, CAFS. Director of discipline of Aquatic Products Processing and Fishery Resources Utilization, CAFS. Research interests are: seafood processing and microbiology, quality and safety assessment of aquatic products, shelf-life extension of processed food, value-added product research and development, fishery by-product recovery and utilization, assuring quality, safety and development in the seafood industry.

Main theses published in recent years as follows:

[1] Laihao Li, Shuxian Hao, Shiqiang Diao,et al. The characteristics of gelatin extracted from sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) skin using various pretreatments. Food Chemistry, 2009, 115(1): 124-128.

[2] Shuxian Hao, Laihao Li, , Xianqing Yang, et al.Proposed new Color Retention Method for Tilapia (O.niloticus ♀×O. aureus ♂) Fillets by Euthanatizing with Reduced Carbon Monoxide. Food Processing and Preservation. 2008,32 (5):729-739. (Corresponding author)

[3] Laihao Li, Changhu Xue, Yong Li ,et al,The effects of fucoidans from Laminaria japonica on AAPH mediated oxidation of human low-density lipoprotein. Acta ceanologica Sinica, 2006,25(4):124-130.

[4] Laihao Li,Shaoling Yang, Bo Qi .Effects of dietary fiber from Eucheuma sp. on the absorption of calcium, iron and zinc. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China, 2008, 15(2):323-329. (In Chinese)

[5] Laihao Li, Jianwei Cen, Jianhe Wang, et al. Comparative study on quality evaluation ofLitopenaeus vannameicultured in different models. Journal of Fisheries of China, 2008, 32(1):39-44. (In Chinese)

[6] Laihao Li,Wei Yan ,Yanyan Wu. Purification and characterization from pepsin from lizard fishSauri daelongata. Jounal of tropical oceanography, 2007, 26(2): 59-64. (In Chinese)

[7] Xianqing Yang, Laihao li,Bo Qi. Adsorption of Cd2+, Pb2+, Hg2+by dietary fibres from four seaweeds. Jounral of Fishery Sciences of China, 2007,14(1): 132-138. (Corresponding author, In Chinese)

[8] Laihao Li, Bo Qi, Xianqing Yang. Changes of body weight in rats consuming DF from Eucheuma for 30 days. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China, 2006, 13(1): 65-72. (In Chinese)

[9] Laihao Li, Xianqing Yang, Shuxian Hao,et al. Study for residues of fishery chemotherapeutic agents in tilapia andLitopeneaus vannamei. Journal of Tropical Oceanography, 2006, 25(4): 61-65. (In Chinese)

[10] Laihao Li, Xianqing Yang, Bo Qi. Study on the adsorption of NO2-by four sorts of dietary fibres from seaweeds. Chinese Journal of Marine Drugs, 2006,25(1): 28-31. (In Chinese)

[11] Liudong Li, Laihao Li, Hong Shi, et al. Adsorption effect of dietary fibers from seaweeds on estrogens. Chinese Journal of Marine Drugs, 2005, 24(3): 1-4,25. (Corresponding author, In Chinese)

[12] Yanyan Wu, Chengyu Qiu, Laihao Li, et al. Denaturation of muscle protein inCtenopharyngodon idelhusduring heat processing. Journal of Fisheries of China, 2005, 29(1): 133-136. (Corresponding author, In Chinese)

[13] Laihao Li, Yanyan Wu, Fengxia Li, et al. Analysis on food-borne pathogenic microorganism of tilapia and cultivation environment in Guangdong Province. Journal of Fisheries of China, 2009, 33(5): 823-831. (In Chinese)

[14] Shan Li, Haixia Ma, Laihao Li,et al.Effects of Sterilization Pretreatments on Quality of Fresh Tilapia Fillets. Food Science, 2009,30(18): 379-384. (Corresponding author, In Chinese)

[15] Laihao Li, Chengyu Peng, Jianwei Cen, et al. Effect of Ice-temperature Controlled Atmosphere Storage on Quality of Tilapia Fillets. Food Science, 2009,30(24): 439-443. (In Chinese)

[16] Shan LI, Jianwei Cen, Laihao Li, et al. Effect of inflation rate on the quality of tilapia fillet during modified atmosphere packaging and controlled freezing-point storage. South China Fisheries Science, 2010, 6(1): 42-48. (Corresponding author,In Chinese)

[17] Qiuxing Cai, Laihao li, Shengjun Chen,et al. Changes of biogenic amines in liquid-smoked tilapia stored at 25 ℃. South China Fisheries Science, 2010,6(5):1-6. (Corresponding author, In Chinese)

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