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Xian-qing Yang (Aquatic product processing and quality safety)

Xian-qing Yang, professor. Vice director of national R&D Center for Aquatic Product Processing; vice director of South China Research Center for Aquatic Product Processing and Quality Safety; postgraduate supervisor of Ocean University of China, Shanghai Ocean University and Guangdong Ocean University. Research interests are: seafood processing, aquatic products quality and safety assessment, fishery by-product recovery and utilization.

Main theses published in recent years as follows:

[1] Xian-qing Yang, Lai-haoLI ,Bo QI . Adsorption of Cd2+,Pb2+and Hg2+by dietary fibres from four seaweeds. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China, 2007.4(1):132-138. (in Chinese)

[2] Xian-qing Yang, Lai-hao LI , Bo QI, et al. Analysis of Oxytetracycline residues in white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)muscle. Journal of Tropical Oceanography, 2007.26(3):53-56. (in Chinese)

[3] Xian-qing Yang, Yong-qiang Zhao, Bo QI, et al. Comparison of Ion Chromatographic and Barium Sulfate Turbidimetric Determination of Sulfate Group in Agarose. Food Science,2009.30(18):340-343. (in Chinese)

[4] Xian-qing Yang, Li-qin Fan, Sheng-jun Chen, et al. Change of Nitrite and Nitrate Content During the Processing of Dry-cured Salted Fish Processing. Food and Fermentation Industries,2009.35(10): 55-58. (in Chinese)

[5] Xian-qing Yang, Lai-hao LI, Shu-xian Hao, et al. Study of polyphosphate diffusion in tilapia fillet.Food and Fermentation Industries, 2009,33(7): 14-17. (in Chinese)

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