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Zhao-jin Lin (Marine fishery resource and fish ecology )

Zhao-jin Lin, professor, graduated from Xiamen University and obtained master's degree in 1990. Master supervisor of Shanghai Ocean University, engaged in studies on ichthyoplanton and fish ecology, and interested in identification of fish eggs and lavae.

Main theses published in recent years as follows:

[1] LIN Zhao-jin, WANG Xuehui, JIANG Yan'e. Distribution and species composition of fish eggs in Daya Bay. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China, 2010, 17(3):543-550 (in Chinese)

[2] JIANG Yan'e, LIN Zhao-jin. Biodiversity of fishery resources in the continental shelf of northern South China Sea. South China Fisheries Science, 2009, 5(5): 22-37 (in Chinese) (Corresponding author)

[3] QIAO Yan-long, CHEN Zuo-Zi, LIN Zhao-jin. Changes of community structure of fishery species during spring and autumn in Beibu Gulf. Journal of Fishery Sciences of China, 2008, 15(5):816-212 (in Chinese) (Corresponding author)

[4] LIN Zhao-Jin, QIU Yong-song, ZHANG Hang-hua. Distribution and ecological characters of neritic stone corals at Daya Bay. Journal of Tropical Oceanography, 2007, 26(3): 63-67 (in Chinese)

[5] LIN Zhao-Jin, LIANG Pei-Wen Huang. Morphological characteristics of larval and juvenilePolyspondylogobius sinensis. Acta Zoologica Sinica, 2006, 52(3):585-590 (in Chinese)

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