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New Discovery in Slope of the Northern South China Sea by "Nan Feng"

On October 30, 2014, the South China Sea Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship "Nan Feng" of SCSFRI successfully completed the survey on ecosystem dynamics and sustainable use of biological resources in slope of the Northern South China Sea. New discovery was made.

The Chief Scientist, Professor Zhou Meng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University pointed out that the mesopelagic fish found in the slope of Northern South China Sea was major biological resources, which was of great significance to cutting-edge scientific researches on global carbon flux and climate change.

As the principal investigator of fishery resources project in SCSFRI, Dr. Chen Zuozhi emphasized the startling rich resources of mesopelagic fish in the South China Sea by acoustics technology during this survey. According to the acoustic model as well as preliminary assessment of the recent survey data, the resources of mesopelagic fish in the South China Sea was estimated to 70~150 million tons. This strategic marine resource at present and in the future for China will promote the development of the fisheries industry in the South China Sea significantly.

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