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Fishery Investigation Team of SCSFRI Competes Survey of Fishery Resources and Ecological Environment in Nansha Islands

On October 5, 2012, after having completed the survey of fishery resources and ecological environment in Nansha Islands, the South China Sea Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship "Nan Feng" of SCSFRI holding the fishery investigation team returned to its wharf in Guangzhou.

During the welcome ceremony, Director Jiang Shigui of SCSFRI expressed his congratulation and condolence for the completion of survey task by "Nan Feng". He said, since "Nan Feng" set sail on September 16, the investigation team on it have overcome various difficulties such as complicated situation, unsteady weather, tough conditions at sea and so on. The members sticked to their posts with selfless dedication, and completed all survey tasks with strong enthusiasm and fighting will, having obtained satisfactory achievements, which is highly commendable by Fisheries Bureau, Fishery Law Enforcement Command, Fishery administration in South China Sea and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China. . Moreover, Director Jiang emphasized the significance of the survey in Nansha Islands. "It is not only the fundamental work of improving development of bioresources in Nansha Islands and securing the fishery safety in South China Sea, but also the important and effective way to maintain the marine rights and to declare sovereignty of China."

Director Jiang listened to the work report on this survey by "Nan Feng", pointing that it is essential to strengthen the survey work of fishery resources and ecological environment in South China Sea, to give full play to the marine scientific research of "Nan Feng", so as to make greater contributions to the improvement of fishery science and technology in South China Sea, maintenance of national marine rights and guarantee of fishery production safety.

Through 20-day navigation of 2,630 nm, "Nan Feng" finished the investigation tasks in 63 survey stations, having obtained a large quantity of valuable, firsthand data and information, which provides significant resource for the future fishery resource conservation and environmental monitoring in South China Sea, especially in Nansha Islands.

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