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Vice Director of SCSFRI Discusses Cooperation of Aquaculture Project with Cambodia

At the invitation of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, on April 19~25, a 3-people delegation including the vice director Chen Pingnan, Dr. Zhang Jiasong and Mr. Xu Shihuai form SCSFRI visited Cambodia for investigation of the possibility of cooperation on aquaculture projects.

In Cambodia, Vice Director Chen Pingnan and other researchers from SCSFRI visited the well-known local enterprises, All Solutions Cambodia and Phnom Penh Cente. "China and Cambodia have formed a long tradition of friendship." Chen Pingnan said. He noted that Cambodia had rich natural resources and SCSFRI had advantages in talents and technologies, which made possible for the bilateral cooperation. Besides, the SCSFRI delegation investigated the wholesale and retail of aquatic products in the major cities such as Phnom Penh, Port Sihanouk, Angkor City as well as Kompong Som and Tonle Sap.

Based on the investigation, the status of fishery production, aquaculture environment and demand for consumption in Cambodia were grasped, and the information of environment and conditions of water quality in related sea areas were obtained, which lays strong foundation for the improvement of mutual cooperation in aquaculture and fishery science and technology.

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